So you are a new college graduate, and everyone is asking you “Now what?”. I for one have no clue. But I wonder does anyone really ? http:/You’re a rare unicorn if you know exactly what you want to do fresh out of college. Most people find out what they love through a series of process of elimination rounds; you slowly find out what you love through experiencing what you hated. But your parents are trying to get you out of the house and you’re trying to leave but you can’t, because…money/dinero/cash/$$$$$$. So you have a retail job until you land something great but weeks become months and you’re starting to wonder if that will ever happen. Or maybe this is just me reflecting my experiences onto you (duh). But then you take a step back and realize you’re just 23, and not supposed to have it all figured out. This mindset is SO hard to keep when you see everyone on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Periscope (have no clue what that is) having it together. It makes it extremely hard to be patient when everyone around you (on the internet) is in the beginning stages of “having it together”. You try to realize that your time will come, but you can help but to panic.


I get anxiety over it ! I think “Am I going to be stuck in retail for the rest of my life? 😦

I thought I had a point for this post, but just like a parallel of my life, things never go as planned.

Try to go along with it, and keep positive.

But maybe I should just take my own advice.

Until next time.